Rent To Own

What is RENT TO OWN?

In simple Term Rent to Own is a way for deserving People “who don’t qualify for a mortgage”  to OWN a quality home of their own,  paying in their downpayment in instalments while I help them get qualified for financing, and owning their dream home years faster than they could otherwise.

Are you struggling to become a Home Owner? With our Exclusive RENT TO OWN program Mortgage Approval is NOT Necessary, you can purchase your dream Home Today even with Bad Credit and not enough money for downpayment. You will start living in your OWN dream Home immediately.

Who will qualify for this program?

  • Do you currently pay rent?
  • Do you have to move out, because your landlord sold the property?
  • Not enough down payment to qualify for conventional mortgage?
  • Did your bank turn down your mortgage application?
  • Do you have good income but bruise credit?
  • Do you have a good downpayment but no Credit?
  • Are you a Self Employed?
  • Are you New to Canada?
  • Do you have Stable Employment & Steady income?
  • Do you want to OWN your own Home?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above question, then this RENT TO OWN program is for you.

If you are currently renting, your money goes down in the drain. Here is how.

For Example: If you pay $1500/month. It will be $18,000/year and $180,000 in 10 years. With that kind of money you can pay off your home or at least pay off huge of your mortgage if you OWN a Home. Regardless of your present situation, if you want to enter into a Home ownership then this program is just what you are looking for.

We understand the value of having your own dream Home. With our Exclusive RENT TO OWN program, you choose your own Home. Our program focuses on your needs and we created it for you. Our goal is to provide more Canadians with quality home ownership experience by eliminating the traditional home ownership barriers and create a wining situation for Home Buyers like you.

The monthly payments are:

Monthly Payment = Regular Rent + Option Savings

Interested? To learn more about our Exclusive RENT TO OWN program, please fill the form below, or contact us today.